Our dream is to imagine and incarnate a sustainable way of living that leads to wholeness of body, soul, and spirit not just for ourselves, but for all who share this earth – including the earth herself!

We believe the only path forward is through union with God as healer of our wounds, sustainer of the physical world, and lover of our souls. Our souls are restless until they find their rest in God. Without dwelling in the infinite love of God we will always chase after finite things that will lead to pain for ourselves, others, and the earth. We must learn to pray.

True prayer - saying ‘yes’ to God - brings us into the hard and beautiful work of inner transformation. We discover how often our egos, or false selves, run our lives. Like a caterpillar entering her chrysalis, we seek to welcome the dissolution of our egos so we can live in freedom. This is a slow process supported by deep prayer, loving community, study of inner landscapes, and practices of forgiveness. We must help each other heal.

Intimacy with the Spirit without intimacy with matter – our bodies, our ecosystems, and our fellow creatures – is tragically incomplete. We are embodied beings, consuming other embodied beings daily, walking on earth more intricately complex than we can understand, inhaling the exhalation of the trees, drinking water that makes up a majority of our physical selves. The earth’s story is our bodies’ story. We must practice embodiment.

We anchor this work of incarnation, kenosis, and metanoia in the path of the eternal Christ who became human flesh, emptied himself on the cross, and resurrected from the dead opening for us a radical path to wholeness and freedom.


transform the eyes of your heart


empty yourself that you may be filled with the divine


engage with the world of matter