Welcome to Metanoia of Vermont!


Metanoia of Vermont is the ministry of Mark and Lisa Kutolowski. This website is a place to learn about the vision we have been given for ministry and community, our reflections, and the retreats and wilderness pilgrimages we facilitate.

Our mission is to support all people to know and enter into divine life bringing body, mind, and soul into union with God and into a life of harmony with the natural world.

Our first expression of this mission is our daily work of humbly seeking to open to the presence and action of God.  From this receptivity to the Holy Spirit, we seek to live in harmony with God, nature, our deepest selves, each other, and the rest of our human brothers and sisters.  We have chosen to orient family life with the Benedictine way of following Christ – with its pillars of daily prayer, work by the labor of our hands, and study and growth in the life of body, soul and spirit. 

Our hope is that this way of life can be an offering of peace, however small, to a world in tumult.  We envision ours as a working experiment of family life lived with simplicity, stewardship, and spiritual abundance that provides a joyful alternative to the dominant culture of consumerism and isolation.

In the future, we envision sharing this way with other couples, families, and singles in community life.  We also envision expanding our retreat offerings into a residential school of Christian transformation, where we work together with students to recover, teach, and live the full richness of the Christian contemplative path.

What is in a name?  We call our ministry and community vision ‘Metanoia of Vermont’.  Metanoia is a Greek word meaning the transformation of heart and vision.  It is the first and most basic teaching of Jesus in the Gospels (Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15), and remains his urgent call to all who seek new life.  Vermont is our home, and we feel it’s important to ground our work, and our name, in the good earth of this place. 

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to connecting with you!

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