Life on the Homestead

The work of a homestead varies as frequently and dramatically as our Vermont weather. Though our work is always changing, we seek to pattern our lives on the Benedictine rhythm of work, study and prayer. We are slowly learning how to live into this rhythm as a married couple living in the world (in contrast to monastics living in a cloister).

We have learned the most important thing we can do toward this end is to stay home - to literally “stead at home.” One of the key commitments in the Rule of Saint Benedict is “stability of life” - to commit to a physical place and the work of prayer, study, and labor that place supports. We are discovering firsthand the wisdom of this commitment and the gift this stability is for us, our guests and a world traumatized by displacement.

A Typical Day

Lauds Prayer (6:30am in summer / 7:30am in winter); Followed by breakfast

—Work or Study—

10am Terce Prayer

—Work or Study—

12:30pm Sext Prayer; Followed by lunch

—Work or Study—

3:00pm None Prayer

—Work or Study—

5:00 Vespers Prayer

6:00pm Dinner & Evening Activities (occasionally away from home)

9:00pm Compline Prayer