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spiritual Reflections 

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land of the infinite blog

In October 2017, Lisa started a blog to tell the story of our shared life of radical simplicity and opening daily to the Divine presence. The blog is part nature writing, part spiritual memoir, and part homesteading ups and downs.  It's a small window into our daily attempt to live out metanoia - transformation of the heart. Join us as the story unfolds!


Gospel of Mark contemplative translation

Mark has recently completed a new free translation of The Gospel of Mark, with an emphasis on the contemplative heart of the Gospel present in the original Greek text. He is currently working on a commentary to accompany the translation.*

Excerpt from The Gospel According to Mark - A Contemplative Translation:

After Yochanan had been arrested, Yeshua came to Galil, taeching the liebreating transmission from YHVH: 

"This very moment contains eternity - infinite life is available, right now! The Realm of YHVH is here, and accessible! Transform the eyes of your heart! Go beyond the level of thoughts and emotions, so you can perceive directly, and trust in this liberating new reality."

Mark 1:14-15

* The translation will not be published until the commentary is complete.