Our Programs

Check out our upcoming programs or invite us to plan an experience for your group! Below is a list of experiences we have led in the past, but we are also open to new approaches and designs. Contact us for more information!

Wilderness Trips

Metanoia wilderness trips offer parallel immersion into the depths of both inner and outer landscapes. In learning to engage and explore wild places in a new way, participants learn new ways of being human.



Metanoia retreats offer an opportunity to dive deeply into practices, disciplines, and principles of transformed living within a community of faith and practice. Our retreats, lasting from two to seven days, involve hours of prayer, community support, discussion and teaching each day.


Metanoia workshops offer training in practices, disciplines, and principles of transformed living. Our workshops range from one hour introductions to day-long intensives. Topics include contemplative spiritual disciplines, nature and spirituality, and health and simple living skills. 

Below is a list of experiences we have led in the past. Contact us to plan a program for your group!

Past wilderness trips:

  • The Soul of the Land: Deep listening & conscious relationship with the natural world
  • Water and the River of God: A canoe journey along the waters of nature & grace
  • Healing with Creation: Embracing the power of Creation to heal our bodies, souls, & spirits
  • The Wilderness of the Heart: Nurturing our true self in the womb of wild nature
  • Opening the Book of Creation: Listening to nature and  encountering the Divine in Creation

Past retreats:

  • Sacred Silence Retreat
  • Nature as Spiritual Practice
  • Unconditional Happiness: Transforming Our Relationship with Life
  • Listening to the Heart of God: An Introduction to Christian Contemplative Prayer

Past workshops:

  • Introduction to Centering Prayer
  • Nature as Spiritual Practice
  • Awakening the Senses
  • Sacred Reading: The Art of Lectio Divina
  • Healing with the Elements
  • The Gospel as a Call to Transformation
  • Fasting as a Spiritual Practice
  • The Christian Wilderness Tradition
  • Radical Simplicity & The Spiritual Life
  • Vulnerability, Unconditional Happiness, & Radical Social Change