Lisa Hershey Kutolowski

Lisa’s work with Metanoia of Vermont includes creating liturgies for the homestead, guiding pilgrimages, managing the nuts and bolts of the organization, and sharing the art of iconography. Her deep love is creating environments conducive to prayer and connection.

Before meeting Mark and moving to Vermont, Lisa owned and operated a sourdough bread bakery in Pennsylvania. She plans to start a bakery on the homestead that will serve as a cottage industry in support of the life and community of Metanoia of Vermont.


Mark Kutolowski

Mark’s work with Metanoia of Vermont includes teaching, writing, spiritual direction, Systema training, pilgrimage guiding and retreat leading. His teaching and writing focuses on recovering the Christian contemplative tradition, the role of nature as a path of deeper union with God, and the integral connection between prayer and the body.

A lifelong Christian, Mark discovered the Christian monastic and contemplative traditions in 1997, and in 2001-2002 he spent a year living in silence and solitude at a hermitage founded on the spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. He has been an Oblate of Saint Benedict in connection with the Mount Savior Monastery community since xxxx. Despite his close connection to monastic communities, he never felt called to be monk. Rather, he was inspired to integrate the depth of Christian formation and spirituality found in these communities into marriage and family life.

Mark offers Centering Prayer workshops and personal spiritual direction in the New England region.