Mark and Lisa at Mt. Savior Monastery, where Mark is a Benedictine Oblate

Mark and Lisa at Mt. Savior Monastery, where Mark is a Benedictine Oblate

what is metanoia of Vermont?

Our mission is to support all people to know and enter into Divine Life, bringing body, mind, and spirit into Union with God.

We do this through teaching, practicing, and inviting transformation of the heart (metanoia), self-emptying (kenosis), and full engagement with the body, nature, and matter (incarnation). 

We believe these practices represent the heart of spiritual practice in the teachings of Jesus and of our Christian spiritual tradition.  These practices can be used by many people, both Christians and others who are seeking intimacy with God and are open to interior transformation.

Our teachings, programs and practices are rooted in Jesus' own teachings and life example.  As disciples of Jesus, we also believe he is the Christ, the incarnation of God's perfect union with humanity, and the first fruits of a new humanity and a new earth.  Our calling is to follow Jesus' way, and to share in this wonderful new reality.

where is metanoia?

The locus of Metanoia's work is in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. However, we are happy to travel to you for workshops, retreats, and wilderness trips!

We do not yet have a center, but we are actively working toward that reality. More info to come soon!

who is metanoia?

Metanoia is the ongoing work and programs of Mark and Lisa Kutolowski. Mark and Lisa met in June 2015 and quickly felt a call, not only to each other (they were married in May 2016), but to together continue the work they were doing as individuals.

Mark is an Oblate of Saint Benedict in connection with the Mount Saviour Monastery Community, a wilderness guide, and retreat leader. His work focuses on recovering the Christian contemplative tradition and on the role of nature as a path of deeper union with God. A lifelong Christian, Mark discovered the Christian monastic and contemplative traditions in 1997, and in 2001-2002 he spent a year living in silence and solitude at a hermitage founded on the spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. Mark began formally teaching Christian Meditation in 2003, and is a commissioned Centering Prayer presenter with Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. 

In 2007, Mark founded and led New Creation Wilderness Programs (NCWP) through 2015. NCWP offered spiritually-focused wilderness trips, work that continues through Metanoia. Mark also teaches wilderness living skills at Dartmouth College, and works as a naturalist and wilderness guide throughout Northern New England. Mark is a Wilderness First Responder, and has over a decade of experience leading trips, teaching classes and workshops, and living simply with the land in New England. 

Lisa is a professional baker and wilderness guide. From 2010 - 2014, she worked in campus ministry at Juniata College (Huntingdon, PA) in partnership with CCO Campus MInistry. In her work on campus she led wilderness trips, service trips, and retreats, directed a community house for Christian discipleship, led prayer and discipleship groups, and provided one-on-one spiritual mentorship for undergraduate students.

In 2014, following the desire for a more embodied and simple life, she started an artisan bread business, LeFevre Bakery. She baked for Huntingdon and State College communities until Mark swept her away to Vermont, where she looks forward to continue making naturally leavened breads in addition to her work with Metanoia.